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Visa Application

  • If a new foreign student enters China holding X visa, he has toapply for residence permit within 30 days after his entry. If he holds L or Fvisa, he has to apply for residence permit before the visa expires.

  • A senior student has to renew his residence permit ten days beforeit expires.

  1. A teacher will submit theapplication of a new foreign student online before the police spend two daysverifying it.

  2. The foreign student will submithis JW201 or JW202 form, admission letter physical examination record andregistration form of temporary residence.

  3. A student can handle ithimself.

    Teachers in the InternationalStudents Office will submit the application online before the police spend twoto three days verifying it.

    After the application isapproved, the student will go to Beijing Exit & Entry Administration Officewith a visa application form together with the materials mentioned above toapply for his visa. He has to wait for a week to get his visa.

  4. He may also trust it to anagency.

  5. After submitting theapplication materials the student has to pay a fee of 400 yuan for his visa and60 yuan for the service of the agency. He has to wait 10 days to get his visa.

  6. After he gets his visa, thestudent who lives on campus has to go to the reception desk to register hislatest information. The one who lives off campus has to go to the nearestpolice station to register.

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